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The Role of SEO in Growth

Last updated: 01/09/2018

The Role of SEO in Growth Martijn Scheijbeler 3 days ago Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest levers that a business can use within their acquisition strategy as

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The Online Business Owner’s Operational Website Checklist

Last updated: 01/09/2018

A common oversight that many online businesses make is NOT using their own website. Simply put, they don’t spend time being in their visitors’ shoes. Many site owners are busy

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11 Awesome Marketing Tools All Marketers Should Use

Last updated: 12/27/2017

If you’re a marketer, it probably feels like there’s no end to the vast range of online tools that aim to boost your marketing strategy and make your marketing efforts easier t

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Google Analytics in 2018: 3 Quick Wins to Truly Harness Its Power

Last updated: 12/20/2017

Following its acquisition of Urchin in November 2005, Google launchedGoogle Analytics, a web analytics tool soon to become the most widely used of its kind, currently boasting betw

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Google Analytics 101: Executive's guide to measuring business data | ZDNet

Last updated: 12/13/2017

If you want to improve the experience of your website or app, or maybe you want to ensure the success of your business, you need to be analyzing user behavior. One of the easiest

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Launch? Launch! – Web Analytics for Developers

Last updated: 12/06/2017

A recent, non-representative poll on twitter urged me to write introductory articles about Launch, the new tag management element in the Adobe Experience Could. I presume I won’t

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Mozilla plows its new revenue into making Firefox faster for us all

Last updated: 12/02/2017

Well, now we know what paid for all those programmers cranking out the overhauled Firefox Quantum browser: a major infusion of new money. Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the open-so

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How to expedite collecting and organizing raw data

Last updated: 11/30/2017

Data is everywhere, and it can be quite a figurative handful. Before your company can figure out how to use that data, how to pinpoint a select part of it for company purposes, you

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Running an A/A Test Before A/B Testing – Wise or Waste?

Last updated: 11/28/2017

Running an A/A Test Before A/B Testing – Wise or Waste? October 31, 2016 October 31, 2016 To A/A test or not is a question that invites conflicting opinions. Enterprises, when fa

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20 Reasons Why Most Experiment Programs Are Setup for Failure - Martijn Scheijbeler

Last updated: 11/08/2017

Over the course of the last few years I worked on over 200+ experiments, from a simple change to a Call To Action (CTA) up to complete design overhauls and full feature integration

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